Hello from Saskatchewan

Hello all! I am writing from my couch while my husband makes supper, my one year old destroys a magazine, and my cat crawls on me to get me to stop typing. I am a grade four teacher and I just returned from my maternity leave to find myself covering a grade one position. I am not a grade one teacher at all but they seem to enjoy my silly songs and my guitar playing so we might just survive the next 30 days. I have already learned a lot about how students learn to print and spell! Kudos to you grade one teachers out there, it is incredible that students enter grade one not knowing how to print all the letters and leave grade one writing full sentences, wow!

I am the informal tech coordinator at our school, our actual tech coordinator seems to only troubleshoot hardware issues so I try to support teachers using technology to teach. I am often encouraging teachers to just try something, it doesn’t really matter if it works out but it probably will because enough kids are tech-y enough to make it work. My position seems to have been somewhat usurped while I was on Maternity leave but I’m not minding as I am trying my best to make grade one go well.

This picture is of the regional park near my husband’s home. It isn’t very exciting but it is peaceful and that is what I am looking for now that my life has gotten busy again.

Heather Elder

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 7.15.11 PM


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