Hello from China!

Hi Everyone,

I’m Aaron, and I’m currently living and teaching in a small, gritty factory town called Shiyan in the suburbs of Shenzhen, China (across the border from HK).  Although I work at a BC school district, I’ve been stationed here since September teaching grade 5 English/ESL in the bilingual department of an enormous Chinese school of over 6,000 students.  Before this, I taught math, science, art, English, SS and planning at a tiny BC offshore high school in Shanghai for 2 years.

I’m enjoying my time in China, and plan on staying for at least a couple more years.  Cost of living is cheap, and opportunities for travel are plentiful with the many Chinese public holidays in addition to our own.

I’m doing my 5th and 6th MET courses this semester.  I’m very interested in exploring learning technologies from a marketplace/ventures perspective.   Although teaching is my passion, I believe I have an entrepreneurial mind as well, and see many opportunities for ventures in emerging technology, here in china, especially in the area of ELL.

Looking forward to workingwith you all!


Hiking China

Hiking China


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