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Lynda Weinman, Inc.

Lynda Weinman

Cofounder and Executive Chair,, Inc.

Lynda Weinman, Cofounder and Executive Chair, Inc.

By  Douglas Kirkland [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons is an online learning and training site providing video tutorials to teach software, design, creative and business skills with the wide subject areas. By membership starting from $25 per month, anyone can access the library of 2, 600 video courses from the experts anytime through online. While many of the skill training tutorial videos are freely available online, this subscription-based website trains 4 million people, according to the company. The quality of instruction video attracts learners including individuals, corporate employees, academic and government sectors.

Her venture originated from Lynda’s classroom teaching experience. Before launching the venture with her husband, Lynda taught interactive design, motion graphics and animation at the American Film institute, the Art Center College of Design, UCLA and the San Francisco State Multimedia Studies program. She wrote multiple tutorial books on web design. This venture’s original concept was a free web resource for her students, which evolved into the current online learning company ( In an interview, Lynda said that her focus is on quality of classes and teaching, rather than marketing competition with free video sites. She says, “Let the marketing happen mostly through word of mouth” (MIXERGY, 2009). She has a degree in the Humanities from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.

Among the marketing driven educational technological ventures, Lynda’s teaching driven business policy freshly stands out, in spite of this business principal, which seems quite simple and traditional. Her marketing is happening through “word” not only from mouth, but also from her texts in the books and the design of the online products. High quality instruction across the multiple media with the instructor/founder’s passion seems to be strong enough to successfully compete in the market. Having a membership based financial model creates the foundation for the quality of the instructions. (2009, Oct 6). How Does Have So Many Paid Subscribers If Information Wants To Be Free? – With Lynda Weinman. Retrieved from


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