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Kimberley Munzo, Founder & CEO


AspirEDU is a company that specializes in  helping institutions of higher learning maintain revenue, decrease inefficiencies, and avoid accreditation challenges by improving student satisfaction and retention rates. Its Dropout Detective™ student retention software helps by bringing in a student’s relevant course data into one easy-to-use visual representation of the entire student body across all courses in which a student is currently enrolled. The software as a service (SaaS) platform, means that you have access to a cloud hosted solution anywhere, anytime and integrates with the existing learning management system (LMS). Student performance metrics are retrieved from the LMS through an automated API connection. The software then evaluates this data and calculates a “risk index score” for each student. The results are presented in an easy-to-use dashboard for administrators and staff. The real-time feedback on student performance means that administrators can pro-actively manage student retention by alerting them to behaviors and patterns that lead to high student attrition. Using this business intelligence solution  administrators can work in a targeted and efficient manner to support the students that need the most help.


Unlike other solutions, Dropout Detective aggregates the institution’s existing data into one easy-to-use visual representation of the entire student body across all courses in which a student is currently enrolled.


Kimberley Munzo has over been involved in e-learning and higher education for over ten years. Dropout Detective™, was developed by her when she found that she was spending over half her day working on student retention. When she went searching for a software tool to help identify and manage at risk students there wasn’t one. It started off as a checklist on a piece of paper, migrated to an Excel spreadsheet, and has evolved into a software program in use by colleges and high schools that offer online programs.


Their team includes:  

  • EVP of Sales with 12 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies.
  • COO who has contributed to the development of several startup companies over the last decade.
  • CTO who has been  a  software developer and project manager for 18years, which include 14 years at IBM, delivering projects globally. He also serves on a business advisory board for a local school district, blending his
  • software knowledge and experience with his love of education.


Even though I have no business experience, I have experience managing a classroom, and in various administrative responsibilities for community and non-profit organizations. There are times where I enjoy leading, but most of the time I am more comfortable acting in an advisory role. I know that under the right situation I could succeed as an entrepreneur, but I would need to be tremendously passionate about the project, put countless, thankless hours into it and surround myself with smart individuals with the same values, and who compliment my weaknesses.


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