Founders Parade

Code & Hustle

Founder Sean McGrath, Primary Developer & CEO


Venture: Code & Hustle

Code & Hustle is an East Coast Image Software Company that focuses on creating tools for professional photographers and blog creators. C&H offers three different primary products. The first product is called “Storyboard” which provides an easy to use script for Adobe Photoshop that makes laying out images on blogs with a simple one click. The second primary product is called “Batch+” which allows users to save images tweaks in Photoshop as preset to apply to a group of images instead of one image at a time. The third primary product offered by C&H is called “Facebook Photo Optimizer” where a single script that runs in Photoshop will resize large image files to the perfect size for Facebook and also sharpen the picture all with one click.

Founder, Sean McGrath started the venture in 2010 with business partner David MacVicar. Originally from New Brunswick, Canada, Sean is an experienced software and web developer who has worked with such clients as CBC, NBC, Sympatico/MSN, and Cisco. McGrath currently runs his own wedding and portrait business along with a strong background and interest in custom WordPress installations, mobile apps, and social media integration. The other member of the Code & Hustle team is Customer Service Sales Manager David MacVicar from Nova Scotia Canada. One of C&H’s most talked about quality beside the products themselves is their level of customer support that is provided at all levels of ownership of the product.

In my own personal refection, I have the opportunity to know both members of the Code & Hustle team and know that this venture has been immensely successful with revenue, development of new products and most importantly growth. C&H has reached blog users and photographer from all around the world and have recently returned from a promotion trip in Japan.


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