Founders Parade


39e1b056e6a99603a556ca2fb3045a9a_400x400 LearnBoost is a free all in one program for classrooms.  It provides teachers with a variety of apps to manage their classroom more efficiently.  The features include, grade book, attendance, lesson planning, reporting, parent and student access, dynamic seating, flexible scheduling, integrated calendars, multilingual and quick paced.  It is meant to be the all in one device for classroom management and organization.  This app can be paired with Google Apps for education to make sharing more seem less.  This app is geared for teachers although it can be used by parents and students as well.  It is a well rounded classroom management device to aid with organization.  The seed for the company was at $975,000.   LearnBoost was founded by three individuals, Rafael Corrales, Guillermo Rauch and Thianh Lu.  Although only Rafeal Corrales continues to be the CEO of the company, so I have chosen to focus on him.  Mr. Corrales attended Harvard school of Business as well as Georgia Institute of Technology.  He co-founded LearnBoost but is also an investor in Charles River Ventures, Pebble and an advisor for many other companies such as Mind Snacks.  LearnBoost was named one of the best start-ups of 2010.  He is continually looking for new ventures and ways to support other entrepreneurs.  He is an avid blogger and states his views on education and prides himself on being a start up entrepreneur.  He lives in the San Francisco Bay area.



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