Fun English by Study Cat

Fun English Course By Study Cat

Compatibility: Universal

Audience: Ages 3-10

Content: English Language

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Fun English by Study Cat is a fun and engaging game for young English language learners (aged 3-10). Learning and play are well integrated into the framework of this game which includes a series of 10 themed lessons and over 50 games. It is clear that the educational goals (language learning) have been clearly outlined and embedded within the games of this language app. The Fun English course focuses on both vocabulary development and basic grammar concepts – which are integrated into fun themed games.

Instant feedback is offered to help leaners/players understand their progress and how they are performing in the game. Fun English emphasizes the entertainment value and the importance of play in the learning context. The game engages learners through games, songs, animation, and the “fun factor.”

Fun English does not have a continuous story line that is carried through the game. Rather, each lesson focuses on a different theme (i.e. Food, the house, the body, colours), and the games within that lesson allow players to develop a specific vocabulary set for that context. Each lesson also focuses on a different grammar concept (i.e. the verb “to be,” “adjectives,” “singular and plural”). Each lesson could stand alone, and lessons don’t necessarily need to be completed in a consecutive order, so there is not really any scaffolding happening between lessons. However, within each lesson, scaffolding occurs as each game within the lesson progressively becomes a little bit more difficult. In the lesson on “Colour,” for example, the lesson begins with games focusing on matching colours, and listening to the names of the colour while matching the colour to an image, and the games near the end of the lesson focus on the spelling of the different colours and building sentences with the colours.

The game seems fairly easy to comprehend and pick up. The games do not come with instructions (written or verbal), however, and so when playing a couple of the games, it took me a few minutes to figure out the objective or “aim of the game”. Overall, learners engage in a series of vocabulary and grammar related games to develop their English Language skills, and then receive feedback once each level is completed. There is a lot of repetition and reinforcement of the vocabulary being learned, and each game focuses on a different skill or aspect of language.

The visuals and animation are fairly basic, and many of the games resemble other popular games that kids may be familiar with from other contexts. It combines language with games that allow students to develop hand eye coordination and other motor skills.

In terms of 21st century skills, perhaps the process of game play and the skills necessary to navigate through this technology would qualify as “21st century skills.” This game has been designed for a primary aged audience (ages 3-10), so this game allows players to develop their motor skills, build on their ability to concentrate and remember, practice hand-eye coordination, and ultimately familiarize themselves with technology and gaming applications.

Regarding price, this game costs about 12.99, or each lesson could be purchased for 1.99 from the App store. There is also a free option that gives players access to a smaller selection of games.

This is a simple, yet engaging game that is appropriate for young learners in this age group. I think for a basic language game this could be useful, and fun for kids. However, this game does not go beyond the basic language development of simple vocabulary, and does not help students develop problem solving or critical thinking skills.



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