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Survey Results & Thoughts

Survey Results GBL

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Areas of Interest of GBL:

In the Feedback survey, ETEC 522 students had the opportunity to express what areas of GBL interested them. The following list is a result of everyone’s ideas and we hope these concepts may spark an idea of how you can integrate GBL into your educational setting.

  • The ability to track learning & progress
  • Language learning apps
  • Motivational aspect of GBL/Immersive manner of learning
  • GBL use in science courses
  • Classroom integration
  • French Immersion instruction through GBL
  • Engaging at risk students and making learning fun
  • Ability to use GBL to reinforce basic concepts and ideas
  • GBL for continuing education and 21st century employment
  • GBL as a form of support for students experience difficulties in learning
  • Repacking learning in more attractive format
  • Integration for languages
  • GBL use for professional development
  • Inclusive and collaborative GBL use for students.

We would also like to thank everyone who took the time to give feedback on the survey page. The comments were very detailed with constructive ideas on how to make our Open-Educational-Resource better. We appreciate everyone’s thoughts and hope the Mobile Game-Based-Learning week brought a better understanding to the material.

Group-6 🙂


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