W07: Activity 1

“Code” by Michael Himbeault is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Retrieved here.

If you haven’t done so already, please view the video and complete the Activity #1 (part 1) poll on this page first.

Activity #1 (Part 2) – Comment

Everyone “should learn how to program [code!]” – Steve Jobs (1995).

Add a comment here (using the comments box below) about your thoughts of Jobs’ view that everyone “should learn how to [code].” Do you think this view does or doesn’t hold relevance to post-secondary or professional education today (or the market itself)? Perhaps elaborate why you think so. If at all possible try to provide resources or links that help support your view (and to help add value to our OER). If you were undecided, feel free to comment instead on others’ thoughts about this, or post any unanswered questions you might have. Be sure to check back to engage in comments and questions that might be added to your responses.

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