Analyst Reports (A1)

A1: Analyst Report on NoRedInk

I have created my Analyst Report on NoRedInk because it is a site that I have used in my own teaching and have shared with colleagues and everyone seems to really enjoy. The concept uses effective teaching practices and learning analytics to help students learn grammar rules in order to improve their writing.

I really enjoyed looking at the site from the role of an Educational Venture Analyst because it has helped me in revising my own venture. While I love NoRedInk as a teacher, I have noticed that there are actual many ways in which they could really improve the product and expand their possible revenue, so this type of thinking is what I need to apply when looking at my own pitch. Of course, there is also the issue of pricing which has not been made public and I think this is an additional downfall and might turn off potential purchasers.

The fact that they do not have a mobile app and that everyone requires an internet connect to function has been the main area that worries me, and so I am trying to think of how I can use an offline mobile app to improve my educational technology venture. One really needs to wear multiple hats in order to be an entrepreneur these days!


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