Analyst Reports (A1)

A1 Venture Analyst Report – PresenceLearning

Hello Everyone,

I chose to analyze PresenceLearning, an online service that provides speech language therapy and occupational therapy to K12 students.  It is predominantly used in the U.S. as this market has a greater demand at the moment for this type of service.  As a high-school educator who has encountered many of my students who are in dire need of speech language therapy or occupational therapy, this service was of great interest to me.  So many of my students are not diagnosed or assessed in time to get the help that they need to enhance their academic achievement.  It would assuage the financial cost of private one-on-one therapy within a medical setting but also would advance flexibility and timely assessment of learners in  need of communication or motor skills aid.

The medium I chose to use is completely new to me, please enjoy and offer any feedback, insights or input directly into the blog of the site or under the comments below.

Thank you!



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