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W08 – Review

Through your focus on cloud services in the medical field, I learned a lot about an area I generally do not deal with. Using a focus other than education to examine the merits of a service was a unique experience. Although informative, I am not sure how effectively the topic links to educational technology. Education of staff within the health care system is required with the use of cloud applications, but this is a very small part of your content. Another small link to education was made with the information about educational institutions and how they used cloud services within their medical programs. The layout of your site was simple and easy to navigate, and the “cloud” theme was consistent. The concept of working within our groups was effective and provided a forum for discussion. Unfortunately we had a lot of difficulty using Stormboard. The program is very similar to Padlet and does not lend itself well to extensive discussion or collaborative projects. In the end we used a Googledoc to complete our assessment tool. Although Stormboard did not work for this particular application, now that I have had the chance to experience the program, I can see myself using it for other purposes. A final suggestion relates to the assessment tools created by each group. Right now they are available through links that need to be copied and pasted. It may be more effective and easier to access if they are either added directly to the website page or if hyperlinks are created. Thanks for an informative week!



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