Week 9 Review

I really appreciated how you used Edmodo , Twitter and Socrative  to deliver your OER.  If you want people to reflect on social media, you have to engage them in using it.  You exposed us to several platforms and encouraged us to use them and review them.  I had signed up for Edmodo a year ago with the intention of exploring its affordances for use in my classroom and never went any further with it after discovering that it was hosted in the United States and this would be a FIPPA issue.

While I love that you immersed us in the media for your OER, there was a lot of scrolling to the bottom of the page.  I was disappointed when I clicked on Assignments and there was nothing there.   I was hoping for better content curation but this is more a review Edmodo as a platform rather than your content.  I am wondering if you will you be able to submit to NMH as an OER if Edmodo requires a sign in?

You had great, visual content that helped propel the discussions and nothing was too overwhelming or time consuming, which I deeply appreciated.  I was quickly and easily engaged in your content which expanded the field of social media as it pertains to education.  I thought the way you employed the affordances of Twitter for your activity was a great example of how to use this tool for education.

In short, you walked the walk and talked the talk.  Thanks for an engaging week.


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