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Smartphone Apps Infographic

Hi Everyone,

Found this really interesting infographic on Smartphone Apps and their integration into education.  Thought this was especially relevant since we are now moving into using IPads into the classroom, mobile apps for Game based learning and numerous other apps that can be used with an educational spin or relevance.  With the growing number of uses of Apps we are moving towards helping our students use Apps for educational purposes.

It is interesting to note that only in 2012, within the U.S. more than 25 million apps were downloaded so within the time frame of two additional years the growth in that number would be exponential.  There is also a growing number of students who use apps to study and learn curriculum material via their smartphones.  This also lends to the idea of medical schools now using apps within their curriculum and related to cloud based learning that group 9 addressed with their project in relation to medical relevancy.

Provided by onlinecolleges.net Infographic on use of smartphone apps


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