Opportunity Forecasts (A2)

W11: 3D Printing Launchpad


Welcome to Week 11: 3D Printing. The primary goal of our OER is to introduce you to the topic of 3D printing and how it is has the potential to shape K-12 education. However, we also felt it pertinent to address the issues and challenges surrounding 3D printing in higher education, as well as how it is impacting industries, so this will be the secondary focus of our OER.

Through the course of this week we will be asking you to participate in 2 activities and one short survey.  These activities are designed to have you interact with the creation of 3D objects and also to discuss the impacts of 3D printing as prompted by the case studies we will provide.

Please click here: http://etec522-3dprinting.weebly.com/to join us in our OER for this week!

We look forward to embarking on this week-long journey with you all!

The 3Ders,

Shane T., Kirsten N., Tiffany T., Danielle V. and Yik Wah P.



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