In Vancouver, moving to Calgary

Hello class, my name is Alex and this is my 5th MET course. I’m currently enrolled in the Graduate Certificate track, but will be switching to the full master’s program soon. I currently work at the Sauder School of Business, managing the Canaccord Learning Commons. I am responsible for co-curricular programming at the school, including spaces, in person-programming and services, as well as online learning components. Recently I’ve been working with faculty on creating co-curricular learning activities grounded in their course assignments inside of our LMS. I’m very excited about this since this is major milestone for us. You can see what we offer students by visiting our website here. I’m currently in the process of leaving my job at UBC and moving to Calgary, so I apologize in advance if I go MIA for short periods of time.

My background is in business. I graduated with a BCom. from Sauder, specializing in Organizational Behaviour and minoring in Psychology. I was an analyst at a management consulting firm before joining UBC, and have extensive experience with business analysis and presentation building (two things that it seems we’ll be doing a lot of in this course). PS we have some content on building great presentations on our website here if you want to check that out :).

I’m looking forward to engaging with all of you.

Here’s a video we made for our students as part of our weekly video series with three tips for better presentations: