Another North Vancouverite

Well, BC’s North Shore is well represented in this session of ETEC 522.

My name is Diane and this is my 4th term within the MET. I am taking 522 concurrently with ETEC 512.  Vastly different courses, I suspect, which should help me keep the subject matter correctly categorized in my brain. I’m more than a little nervous about attempting 2 courses this term.
My motivation is that my son moved away for 1st year university on the weekend, so I expect I will have much more time on my hands to dedicate to my studies.   I need to keep myself busy so I’m not over visiting him and making his life miserable 🙂
I am one of those fish-out-of-water students. I am a practicing healthcare professional, working at Fraser Health Authority, looking to open some doors to new career options.   I think 522 will be a fabulous experience for considering the business side of educational technology with all its permutations, and already have an idea or two in mind that I’d like to work on this term.
I love how diverse the student population of the MET program is, from educational backgrounds to work experiences to locations. It makes for much richer discussions when we come from different backgrounds and have such different ‘voices’.
I look forward to working with you all and learning from you as the next 13 weeks unfold…..

When not working or studying, I can often be found hiking the trails of North Vancouver with my golden retriever, Sam.

All the best, Diane