Another Review – EDUCAUSE: 7 Things

As I perused the articles found in the emerging market library, there was one that caught my attention; EDUCAUSE: 7 Things Review. These are a series of articles that provide information on current and emerging technologies. The information in these articles is written in a simple manner where anyone, education, educational technologists and laypeople, would be able to understand the basics of the technology. The articles are based on answering 7 questions:

1. What is it?
2. How does it work?
3. Who’s doing it?
4. Why is it significant?
5. What are the downsides?
6. Where is it going?
7. What are the implications for higher education.

The 7 questions are those that would be asked by those who may be looking at implementing or trialing the technology. The publications provide a means to explain to an institutional committee who would decide if the technology would be a good fit for the institution.

EDUCAUSE: 7 Things format is very simple as it answers the questions in a 2-page PDF paper published throughout the year when there are updates or new technologies that need to analyzed. I find that the format is very easy to follow and the language is simplistic enough that everyone would be able to understand it. One thing I noted was the case studies that were provided and I found that these added to the realism of the technology and if usage would be right for the institution.

I find that this is a very viable site and it will become a permanent bookmark on my computer. It is also a good area to send or refer those who are looking for basic information on a technology.


Hello from Central Alberta

Hello all from Central Alberta. My name is Dale and this is my seventh course through the MET journey. I live in Vermilion with my wife and shitzu, MacKenzie. I am a retired submariner who served 21 years with the Canadian Military. I work at Lakeland College as the Accessibility Advisor and Assistive Technologist. I provide support to students with diverse needs (disabilities). I am looking forward to learning more about the venture factors involved in technology and working with such a diverse group.