Hello From Torbay Newfoundland

Hello everyone, my name is Kevin Andrews and I currently live in Torbay, Newfoundland.  This is my 4th course in my ETEC journey.  At the moment, I am teaching technology full-time at an intermediate school (Mount Pearl Intermediate) and on a daily basis be found running around fixing computers, replacing SMART/TEAM boards, updating software, removing spyware, running network wires, maintaining the school website, and various other system administrative jobs. I am passionate about all things technology especially if it has an apple logo on it. On that note, I will attempt to use my 32 gig iPad Mini as one of my main devices for this course (due to the fact that ETEC522 is built on WordPress) with Dropbox, iBooks/Kindle/PlayBooks,iAWriter, Bean, and Evernote as my file editing/syncing companions. It has been a little challenging using Blackboard’s discussions on tablets and so I hope to have more success here.

Beyond work, I am a very busy husband and father to a wonderful wife and two magical children. On any given day at home I can be found trying to keep up with my 3-year old son and 8-month old daughter. Cleaning dirty diapers, attempting to potty train and late nights of teething are my specialty at the moment.

I have been an educator and entrepreneur for the past 15 years and it has always been an interest to further understand the notion of global learning marketplaces and prospective learning potentials of emerging technologies. Be that as it may, I am all about the digital frontiers of learning, and the skills required to be a successful pioneer. Looking forward to finding my way through this course via active role-playing as a venture creator or analyst.

Finally, of the little time I have left, I do tweet on occasion @kevinandrews, maintain one of many websites (, and share bookmarks at (

Below is a YourTube video taken in St.John’s harbor that depicts a very common occurrence this time of year:


Looking forward to working with everyone this semester!