Hello from North Vancouver

Hello -My name is Terri, and this is my ninth course in the MET Program. My professional background includes dietetics, technical writing, courseware development, instructional design, IT project management as well as business analysis. I currently work for a large software firm that allows me to dabble in all of the above, except dietetics of course! My interests center around virtual live classroom and e-learning initiatives. I especially enjoy the challenges and rewards of working on virtual teams dispersed across time zones.

When I’m not working, you’ll generally find me enjoying the outdoors on the North Shore Mountains although I’d love to hike up Mount Cheam (Chilliwack) pictured below. As well, this fall I’m planning on taking up kayaking. Anyone have any suggestions for taking up this activity?

Reading through the bios I’m thrilled to see that once again we’re a highly diversified group. I look forward to learning with you.  – Terri