Namaste from India


I am Sayali Tamane from Pune, India. This is my third MET course and I am really excited. I currently teach a class of 9th and 10th grade students in a school for economically underprivileged students. I teach Science and also support the ESL classes. However I am new to the field of education with an experience of just about 3 years.

Currently I am trying to explore the use of technology for teaching ESL. My school being situated in a small village, there simply no environment for English nor are the teachers fully equipped.

Can see a few familiar names, hope to make new acquaintances.

Looking forward to the course,



Hello venturers!

My name is Kirsten and I’m from Spruce Grove, Alberta. I have been an academic librarian longer than I’ve been anything else. I am passionate about teaching and learning, research, and instructional technologies, and the MET program seems to be a natural fit with what I enjoy doing.

I made a transition to a public library recently. My new role as digital services librarian allows me to combine my ‘old school’ love for print books and interest in digital technologies. Professionally the growth has been exponential.


This is my 4th MET course and I hope to reach and get over the halfway mark soon! I see a few familiar names in this class, so I don’t feel like a stranger in a strange land. Venturing into this ventures class may throw me into disequilibrium (in Piagetian speak), but I look forward to challenging myself and working and learning with all of you.

Sometimes the best ideas come serendipitously, out of the blue …