W07: Code Education Launchpad


Welcome to week 07 (Open Free and digital content)

Our group narrowed our focus to code education (programming code) at the postsecondary and professional level.

One of the first sources of information online to be shared openly (free of charge, remixable and reusable) was code. Programmers have been sharing code openly since the birth of the internet. There are indicators that educational resources are perhaps moving towards openness; yet, there are a number of contrary closed, institution, corporate, and start-up trends emerging which create a dichotomy in the market of code education (you can probably guess which side “Team Open Content” is rooting for!)

Our interactive OER presents the emerging market of code education, exploring both open and closed to fully illustrate the market landscape. You don’t need to understand how to code in order to understand code education’s changing nature.

Please visit our OER by [clicking here].

We hope you enjoy the exploration – Group 7 “Team Open Content”

– Angela, Nidal, Milorad, Yuki, Colleen & Bobbi

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