Week 10 Review – Learning Analytics

Hello Week 10!

Thank you for your informative OER on Learning Analytics! I felt like your group took a very measured approach in selecting activities that were pertinent to the topic, and also provided us with potential resources to use in our own classrooms.

Regarding the content, I thought that your group offered insight into a topic that I feel is underrated still in education. Metrics and analytics are so profoundly shaping the business practices of companies these days, and it stands to reason that similar measures can be successfully implemented in measuring learning outcomes as well. You did well to set your focus clearly on trend analysis and predication and its’ application. The danger of having such a broad topic is that it’s easy to be general and not delve deeply into the topic, but I felt that your group navigated those waters well, by stating your purpose early.

In terms of the format, I liked how you integrated videos, infographics and other images into your presentation. The pages were laid out in a logical fashion, and I felt your group did well in being very direct with the activities. I also enjoyed how you used ClassDojo to illustrate one such example of learning analytics, which provided both strengths and weaknesses in how learning analytics can be applied in the classroom.