Rylan Broadbent // Behind My Mask, I Am Secure

Behind My Mask, I Am Secure is an exhibition by UBCO MFA Alumni Rylan Broadbent

This exhibition was shown at the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art (421 Cawston Avenue (unit 103) in Kelowna, BC

Rylan Broadbent is a sculptor, designer, and fabricator, who resides and works out of the North Okanagan. Employing an array of techniques, ranging from traditional to digital, he is primarily interested in examining the interconnected relationships between object, form, material, and meaning.

Objects, like images and language, can hold information; they are utilitarian in their function and also symbols that reference bodies of meaning. And just as physical forms can be modified, so too can the semiotic attachments. Context can be skewed, shifting definitions, and complicating the interpretation. The objects he selects often speak towards notions of masculine identity, relationship to violence, and social fragmentation.

for more information: https://www.alternatorcentre.com/events/behind-my-mask-i-am-secure-rylan-broadbent



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