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UBC Pacific Museum of Earth – 360 VR Tour

Virtual tour of the UBC Pacific Museum of Earth
As a Google trained and accredited photographer I’ve had the exciting opportunity to photograph the Pacific Museum of Earth’s tour. Please visit its fantastic collection of rocks and gems and… meet George, the dinosaur. You can also navigate the museum using 3D VR glasses. The set of navigation icons were used in a pilot project using overlays, on top of the virtual tour. Students will be able to learn about specific exhibits in depth, by seeing related documentaries, 3d videos, reading articles, or answer quizzes while virtually visiting the museum. Here’s the direct link to the dinosaur’s location. Copy and paste it into your browser’s address bar and navigate from there by following the arrows with your mouse pointer. You can rotate in any direction in the 360 space:

Instructional Designers – Community of Practice

Presenter: Tony Bates, April 24th, 2013.
(panoramic image, composed by stitching /blending 7 individual shots together ). You might want to click on the image and zoom in a couple of times to see it large.

This is a reduced in size, cropped version of the previous panoramic image, tailored for the Flexible Learning Site (1200 x 500 pixels).

Dr. Bates captivating his audience with his eternal sense of humor. Wish I could sit, listen, and not miss a word he has said during his presentation. Unfortunately I was too busy behind the camera, making sure I capture the right moment.
For some undocumented reason, I seem to meet Tony every two years or so. Yesterday he’s showed me and Chris a photo of himself, taken many years ago. I could not believe how slightly (if at all) he has changed since. Amazing!

Instructional Design group – 2013
Presenter: Tony Bates