Active learning techniques are now seen as the gold standard in many classrooms (Freeman et al., 2014; Shi et al., 2019; Tutal & Yazar, 2022). To make room for interactive classrooms, many instructors have moved their content online. The shift to online education has been sharply accelerated by the recent COVID-19 pandemic (Pokhrel et al., 2021). Of concern is that online materials often mimic the passive learning that instructors hope to avoid in the first place. For instance, the use of video lectures in lieu of classroom lectures has significantly increased and instructors and students believe that the use of online instructional videos increase educational achievements, the literature shows that traditional videos lead to worse performance than consuming the same information through text (Furnham, Gunter, & Green, 1990). The challenge, then, is to figure out how to embed interactivity and opportunities for formative assessment back into these passive environments. 

At this 2024 symposium, we aim to showcase a free open-source html tool, H5P, that can be used to embed interactivity back into passive learning materials with a focus on creating interactive videos. During this demonstrate how to make interactive videos that offer opportunities for formative assessment. We will not only discuss how to create these videos, but also explore evidence-based best practices for (a) creating good formative assessment questions, (b) providing timely feedback, and (c) how (and when) to create branching interactive videos that respond and adapt to student feedback.

These interactive elements can be authored using UBC’s H5P authoring tool (or an independently installed instance of H5P), then embedded within a learning management system (e.g. Canvas) or any website (e.g. WordPress).

In this multi-day H5P symposium, we will introduce you to H5P, demonstrate its strengths and limitations, and highlight successful examples of implementation and course integration for various content types (e.g. multiple choice question sets, auto-graded essays, drag and drop, and interactive videos). We will also offer studio time with the support of experienced content creators to introduce you to the authoring platform and help you brainstorm how it could be used in your context.