Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use H5P for graded assessments? 

H5P is currently set up at UBC for interactive formative activities. It is not integrated with the Canvas gradebook. H5P activities are often ungraded and focused on interacting with content. H5P is typically not a replacement for online assessment and grading tools. 

Is H5P integrated with Canvas?

H5P is currently not integrated with Canvas at UBC. However, you can embed H5P content types with a Canvas course.

Can students develop H5P?

Yes! Students have been a big part of the H5P Community from the start. There have been different projects where students create H5P problems and content as part of their course work. Students can log in with their CWL and create and share.

How can I find, and reuse H5P?

H5P activities and content types can be downloaded, edited and reused if the author has enabled this. A number of institutions and organizations maintain catalogues of H5P content. To get started check out the eCampus Ontario H5P catalog

Does H5P meet accessibility standards? 

Many of the H5P content types meet accessibility standards. maintains a list of different content types and if they accessibility standards.

What student information does H5P store?

UBC’s H5P Open Hub is designed to be used as a platform for the development of formative, open, and interactive content. As long as students are not logged into the UBC H5P Open Hub, no personalized student information is collected. Please note, as h5p is an open access tool, other places may run their own h5p services and may have different configurations and policies.