H5P and General Resources

H5P Examples:

h5p.org Resources:

  • Content Author Guide: h5p.org’s guide to how to create and edit H5P content; how to use many of the existing H5P content types, and more.
  • Tutorials for Authors: Interactive video tools for creating specific types of content with h5p.
  • Reuse Guide: h5p.org’s overview for how to reuse existing h5p objects.
  • Accessibility: a list of the H5P content types with an indicatation if the content type is accessible as well as whether or not the core team is maintaining it and if the content type has any known browser limitations.
  • All documentation: homepage for all h5p.org documentation

UBC Resources:

Other Reources:

  • H5P Kitchen Notes: a site created by BCcampus to support their h5p and PressBook grantees, includes webinar recordings, notes, tips, and more.
  • UBC Creative Commons Guide: A guide to Creative Commons licenses developed to support using, adapting, and producing open educational resources, including H5P content.

Teaching and Learning Resources

Open Content Resources to Support Your Building