What is H5P?

About H5P

H5P is an open-source tool that allows you to create an interactive HTML5 content easily. H5P is an abbreviation for HTML5 Package and there are 40 + different interactive content types available, including multiple choice questions, video with an interactive quizzes, memory games, image hotspots and others.

There are a few ways to use H5P. Users can either:

  1. reuse existing interactive elements,
  2. edit and reuse existing interactive elements; or
  3. create their own H5P interactive element.

This short video provides a highlevel overview of H5P:

Why use H5P?

Why include H5P interactive elements in your teaching and learning materials?

  • Cognitive load theories support that using multimedia (multiple modes) aligns with the way that our brains function during the learning process
  • ACTIVE ​learning: Learners doing things are engaged learners.

HP5 works for blended/online course content because

  • It is well suited for independent asynchronous learning
  • It capitalizes on curiosity and exploratory approach to learning
  • It is useful to “chunk” information to help learners process and remember complex or difficult concepts better
  • It improves engagement. Active learning and engage with problem solving or gamification
  • Formative assessments with feedback can consolidate knowledge (ungraded only right now) ​ Retrieval practice​ with formative (or low stakes) interactions over time is known to aid learning
  • It helps with creating more engaging materials for self-directed and active learning
  • It improves inclusivity in courses as most interactions allow students to control how fast they go through the interaction, unlike a live lecture or videos where control is limited.
  • It can be used to encourage relational learning when combined with LMS tools or synchronous group learning activities

The following table gives you a sense of which H5P tools might best serve what purpose.

Tools for Formative Assessment-Multiple Choice
-Fill in the Blanks
-Mark the Words
-Drag and Drop
Tools for Unit Review-Course Presentation
Tools for Multimedia Integration-Interactive Videos
-Image Hotspots
Tools for Student Reflections-Questionnaire
-Audio Recorder

Get started using H5P!

Page attributions: Text on this page was adapted from the H5P Overview Handout by Parm Gill, shared under a CC-BY-NC 4.0 License. The table of H5P tools was adapted from H5P workshop materials created by Brenna Clark Gray.