Health – a benefit of technology

Over the years technology has developed ways in which human life can be better. Digital innovation has been seen in all areas including health and wellness. Thanks to technology, people can live healthier lives. Technology allows people to tap into different parts of their health and learn more about it as well as more about how to improve it. There have been digital innovations in health in all areas, including but not limited to skin, fitness, dental hygiene, and mental health. Innovations in health can help people transform their lives for the better. Here are two ways in which technological innovations can be used in creating a holistically improved health and lifestyle.

  1. Body:

Internal health directly reflects on one’s physical appearance and this is why humans are attracted to those deemed to be good looking – it is a testament of how healthy and strong they are and will be an ideal candidate to start a family with. However, recent innovations have also created ways to influence appearance positively. There are products that have been developed for skin, hair, and even dental care. Products like HiMirror help people track skin defects and how to fix them. Dental care has seen a lot of innovation as well and products to whiten teeth are now very common, both from a dentist or from an at-home kit. Even the technology of dyeing one’s hair dark is a benchmark of enhancing their appearance and in turn, their vitality.

Mobile applications like 7 Minutes offer workouts under 7 minutes. While it may not seem like much, but studies have shown that just a minute plank a day is able to help speed up metabolism and increase strength. This is especially helpful to those who work in an office and do not have ample time or are too tired to go to the gym.

  1. Mind:

It is important to keep a healthy mindset in order to live a healthy life. Over the last few years, the importance of mental health awareness has taken a forefront, diminishing the stigma which has been attached to it for centuries. Meditative benefits have always been mentioned, with more and more leaders across the globe talking about the amazing benefits of meditation and mindset development. There are also applications which can be used to help one achieve peace through meditation, but the more advanced meditators can also use their phones to set reminders to take a break. This is important as the daily routine of an average person is often so chaotic and filled with work and obligations that they leave little to no time to themselves.

Apple has included innovations like Breathe on their smart watches and it will periodically remind the wearer to take time off to breathe or stand. Relaxation through the day is extremely important as it directly influences one’s quality of sleep and sleep is very important in terms of mental wellness. Therefore, technological innovations in sleep have become more highlighted over the years.

Overall, technological innovations have given people a chance to focus on more areas of their health. It has helped people create a healthier lifestyle and to live positively. These health innovations are allowing people to live a more balanced life, and work productively towards a better life.

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