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No, I’m not dead.

Hello Everyone! (although I think that calling the two or so people who may look at this post “everyone” is a bit of a hyperbole) I am back, I did not die or drop off the face of the earth as you might suspect after my long absence. Here is my explanation (*cough* excuse *cough*)
Anyway, the wonderful thing about being in the second semester of first year is that you finally know what is going on. There is no more getting lost on campus and I am finally feeling like a real university student. Instead of doing absolutely every bit of reading mentioned by the prof and panicking that I didn’t have enough time like I did at the beginning of the year, I can now judge what is important to read, and what is just interesting reading to do if I have time (and, of course, there is the occasional reading that is just completely useless, boring, and hundreds of pages long that just has to be avoided altogether. I honestly don’t know why profs sometimes assign these readings. Do they just think that we shouldn’t be able to go a day reading only for recreation?)
Anyway, the negative side of being in second semester and being used to university life is that you can start to take on way too many extra responsibilities because they just sound like so much fun. For example, I just joined a dodgeball team with my sorority. I can’t wait, but I’m also running for a place on the Panhellenic (all greek) Council. And I just started my duties as director of website for alpha phi and found myself having to transfer a domain which I had no idea how to do. Thanks to Eastwood for helping me with that. I’m so close now, and just waiting to get something called an EEP code that I had never heard of before.
So that’s why I have been gone for so long. My to do list no longer fits on my computer screen even in 12pt font. However, despite getting kind of stressed out with all these tasks, I’m also kind of loving it. Its good to be busy again. (But if you ask me if I still feel that way tonight after 16 hours out at UBC, I may give a different answer.)
My de-stress activity: Buss meditation with the soundtrack from Mamma Mia. Give it a try sometime.


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You sound busy o.O

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