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Facebook Addiction

I just wrote a paper called “The Eight Deadly Sins: Pride, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Lust, and Facebook.” In it, I talked about a lot of the concerns people have about Facebook and health, and then tried to shut them all down because I love Facebook and I don’t think it is really going to cause ADD and cancer or strokes or any of the millions of other things it is accused of.
There is one big problem with it though, privacy. It really sucks, but even if you really restrict your privacy settings, many people who you don’t want to see it still can. So here are some things I try to make sure to do (or not do) on Facebook.

1. Don’t put up anything you wouldn’t want you boss to see. I know, this sounds stupidly obvious, but it’s amazing how many people put up some truly unflattering pictures/other content.
2. Don’t friend you boss, this is just ackward unless you are actually friends in real life (which is also pretty ackward). Even if you have not friended him or her, your boss/potential boss can probably see it anyway (see #1), but at least he or she isn’t getting a news feed of your drunken exploits (if you don’t pay attention to #1)
3. Use the “report photo” option if whoever posted the unflattering picture of you refuses to take it down, don’t just think you have to live with it.
4. Every once in a while, go through and clean out your friends list. A good rule of thumb is: get rid of someone if you cant picture their face or remember where you know him or her from. It is pathetic how many of these people are on my friends list right now. clean out time.
5. Don’t put your year of birth on Facebook. While it might not matter now, it’s going to look real suspicious if you remove it a bit down the road…

So, here ends my preachy lecture on Facebook. Anyone else have any Facebook rules?


Limit the number of applications you add. I’ve only just added one in the last two years that I’ve had Facebook. How many random sites do you want accessing your information?

I was told that even with high privacy settings, those pages that are “fan of” whatever can come up when you do a Google search of your name. Speaking of which, limit the settings that enable people to find you: who do you want to find you? Anyone on Facebook? Anyone on the internet? Do a Google search of your name every now and then to make sure that potential employers are seeing info you want them to.

Go through the photos tagged of you and untag anything inappropriate. Do friends cuts every once in a while. General rule of thumb I go by is if I haven’t talked to you in real life (or phone, MSN, text, email), for over half a year, goodbye!

In fact, I just cut 200 people over the weekend…so..yea.

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