Posted by: | 30th Mar, 2009

Storm the Wall a.k.a. Taking a Bike on the Bus

Well, today I participated in the great UBC tradition, Storm the Wall. Unfortunately, I ended up soaked, freezing, and covered in mud and bark mulch. Of course, since it is Vancouver, I was expecting the wet and cold part. The mulch was a surprise.
The best part was definitely the wall. You get a real sense of accomplishment looking at that mammoth. I really recommend doing Storm the Wall… once. If you live on campus, though, you have nothing to fear since you can look forward to a hot shower instead of uncomfortable classes and bus rides.
In other news, I also learned how to take my bike on a bus. I watched some random guy yesterday to see how it was done. He made it look so easy: rack down with left hand, lift bike in with right hand, and pull up hook over wheel with left again.
Apparently, this process is not as simple as it seems. I’ll leave it at that.


Lol we watched at drunk guy put his bus on the same thing… then get on the bus and drink a beer. it was gold.

c’mon if a drunk can do it so can you! 😛

Save on always needs ppl to work… hehe dont you dream of slicing deli meats?

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