Posted by: | 24th Mar, 2009

Jobs, jobs, jobs.

So, I have begun the great summer job hunt. This is similar to the Easter egg hunt but way less fun. Both involve ingesting copious amounts of chocolate though.
I have to say, searching for employment right now is one of the most depressing things I have ever done. Is there anyone out there who actually needs a new employee? Or at least, is there anyone out there who needs an employee without a degree and who can only speak one language?
Apparently not.
Ah well, if I don’t find one, here are my options for next year.
1. Don’t go to school. (Ya right, so not going to happen)
2. Discover a way to obtain nourishment from tree bark and rocks. (well, that would actually make me filthy rich and solve my employment problem…)
3. Make clothing from curtains like in the Sound of Music.
4. Win the lottery (This is my favorite option. The only catch it that I would need money to buy the tickets.)
5. Get hopelessly in debt. (Not an attractive option)
So, basically, I need a job. Anyone heard about anything?

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