Dim Sum Sundays

Posted by: | October 12, 2008 | 1 Comment

Every Sunday afternoon in the caf here at Totem they serve dim sum, and it’s basically the highlight of my week. I always get some to actually eat there, and when I’m finished I get some to go as snack food for later on when I’m studying. In fact, as I type there is a box of dim sum sitting next to me, taunting me. I’m trying to resist though, because it’s only 2pm and let’s be honest, I won’t study until way later.

Since it’s Thanksgiving weekend, I swear over 95% of Totem Park is gone. On my floor there are only five of us still here (out of like 35 girls?), and last night my friends and I went around looking for people and failed miserably. In a way it’s nice: no lines in the caf, we can blast our music and no one cares, heck we haven’t even bothered locking our doors when we go out! But on the downside: it’s so quiet it’s rather eerier, walking around at 11pm at night was weird because the place is a ghost town, and I miss the noise and comfort of having everybody here.

Somehow it’s also harder to study with everyone gone, but I’m pretty sure that’s just me. I suppose it’s because I’m an extroverted person and get the energy to study from other people, and well HA no one’s here! Thank goodness my roommate is here making sure I get up in the morning, otherwise who knows what I’d be up to right now. I’d probably turn nocturnal or something.

In other news, I’m entering this Poetry and Short Story Contest put on by the Tenth Annual Vancouver International¬† Writers & Readers Festival, and I have noooo clue what to do. Obviously the chances of me winning are very slim, but this is a perfect excuse to get me writing again. I used to write all the time in high school, but now that I’m here the only things I’ve written are my name on tests and post-it note reminders. Lame!! I’m leaning towards writing a poem because those are always easier for me, but I have more ideas for short stories bouncing around in my head, so I can’t decide. I’m considering just writing both and then deciding once they’re finished, but I’m not sure yet. I almost wanna do the short story just because I’ve already won a poetry contest (Melissa de la Cruz started it, and I was one of her top 4 “Funny Poems”. I won a sneak peek at her new book AND this amazing lip gloss set from Urban Decay. Glorious!), and figure I should go the other route this time.

Oh hey and last night I met the love of my life, but genius here forgot to give my name and get his name, so uh this sucks. Story of my life.


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