AWKWARD. I came here with a specific writing topic in mind, and as soon as the Write Post page came up I lost it. Dorkus maximus.

Anyway so now that I lost my original train of thought, I feel like talking about books.

I don’t know if you know this, but I read ALOT. University life has not stopped my addiction (I’m trying to quit!), so since I’ve been here I’ve read a couple of books that are totally not on my reading lists. Mind you they’re totally mindless and talk about fashion, boys, secrets, “magical” powers, etc etc, but they’re addictive I swear! I’m not gonna lie though, a big chunk of my addiction for one of these series is because the Twilight series is over (don’t even get me started on what I think of Breaking Dawn..).

First things first: The Private series by Kate Brian. ADDICTIVE SERIES AT ITS BEST. You literally pick up a book and hours later you are A) wondering where the time went and B) angry that the next book doesn’t come out for months. I finished reading the latest book in the series (chronologically at least), Revelation, a few days ago, and the cliffhanger was OUTRAGEOUS. I keep trying not to think about it actually. The next book (titled Paradise Lost. Epic much? Yeah) doesn’t come out until February (February!!)!!! I won’t tell you exactly how Revelation ended, so I’ll write an ending comparable in intensity.

I watched in horror as she pulled a long, gleaming knife out of her coat. Instantly all the air seemed to leave the room. I couldn’t believe my eyes. How could I have ever trusted this girl?

“Karen, put the knife down!” Trey shouted as Beau held him back. “You don’t really want to kill Chloe!”

“Yes I do!” she screamed. She slowly walked around the room, shortening the distance between us.

“My life was perfect before I met you,” she said, meeting my gaze, “and then you came here and made me this. You’re the reason we’re here. You’re the reason you’re about to die.”

Karen stopped walking a few feet in front of me. She raised her knife just as a gust of wind blew through the room, and then my world went black.

It was kinda like that, only more intense and with better writing. You get my point though, HOW could Kate Brian leave us hanging like that for four months!! grrr. She does have a new book out though, titled Last Christmas, set before the first book in the Private series. I’ll get it the next time I make a trip to Chapters. Why am I specifically going to Chapters, you may ask?

Because Revelations will (eventually) be there! No it’s not the same book I was just talking about. This title is plural, duh. Revelations in the third book in the Blue Bloods series by Melissa de la Cruz. While not quite as addictive as the Private books, this series nonetheless has had me waiting anxiously for MONTHS. And when I say months, I mean forever. The last book was published May 2007. MAY 2007. WHAT THE HECK. Not as bad as the wait for the final book of Libba Bray’s series though; there was literally like a 3+ year gap between the second and final book of the trilogy.

Anyway so the Blue Bloods series is about vampires, only they’re fully involved in society and are basically the richest and most beautiful people in New York City. Quite a bit of page-space is spent talking about what the characters are wearing and how much Mimi spends at Barneys, but those are totally some of my favorite parts. Come on, when am I going to be able to head to Barneys after school and rack up a 5-figure charge on daddy’s credit card?

Revelations was actually supposed to come out on October 28th (Melissa de la Cruz’s blog SWEARS that the Canadian Hyperion rep SWEARS that they were supposed to be out that day), but here I am a few days later, totally NOT having read it! I went to Chapters on the 28th, nothing. Waited a couple of days, called in, nope they don’t have it. Called in Friday afternoon, THE LADY SAID THEY HAD IT. I went, all excited, only to find out that the fool had been misinformed (LIAR, I SAY!). I haven’t given up yet though. I’m going to call tomorrow morning, and if they don’t have it then, then I guess I’ll give in to the dark side.

I’ll order it online.

Not that I haven’t done that before, but some of the magic is lost when it shows up in a box, as opposed to talking into the Young Adult/Teen section of the bookstore and finding the newest book facing out amidst the other books of the series.

I’ve taken over one of the private study rooms in the Commons Block, and I feel kinda bad not doing any work AT ALL in here, so that’s it for now. On to French 😉


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