Midnight Bread Brawl

Posted by: | November 12, 2008 | 4 Comments

My roommate and I just had the most epic of battles. It involved bread, and it ended with..Pepsi shots.

We were just chillin in our room when Jayda turned to me and informed me that the bread she had bought expired the 12th, which was (back then) in exactly 11 minutes. She said “We have 11 minutes to eat this bread..” and I replied “…Or we could throw it at somebody..” “Who?” she asked. “Anyone,” I answered.

9 minutes later we were both sitting at our desks when I brought up the bread again. “We have 2 minutes left,” I said. We looked at each other, and looked at the loaf of bread inbetween us.

I don’t know who threw the first slice, but the rest is history.

About 15 minutes later we found ourselves taking cover underneath our desks, scrambling for whatever remnants of the bread we could find. Most of the loaf had turned into crumbs, but there were many smaller pieces.  It was I that made the first Bread Ball (by mashing together a few of the smaller pieces and rolling it up), but Jayda who mastered the art of saving ammo to hit me all at once with.

Finally though, we each felt that the battle was winding down, yet we were both much too involved to end it.

And then…Jayda found a whole piece of bread. It was perfect, practically untouched. Either this piece of bread had never been thrown, or it was just the strongest one. She picked it up. Then she handed it to me.

What did I do? I did the right thing.

I split the bread in half. One half I kept for myself, and the other went to Jayda.

She then stood up and tacked her piece of bread to her wall.

And I followed suit.

We didn’t speak of what had just happened for a few minutes thereafter, but when we did we laughed for about 5 minutes straight.

Then, overcome by genius, I decided that we should celebrate our shared victory. I got two plastic shot glasses and filled them both with Pepsi. We toasted, looked to our slices of the bread on our walls, then drank.

We are now sitting amongst our bread crumbs, peacefully working on essays. 🙂


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