Spur Of The Moment

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Last night I was sitting here in my room chillaxin when my friend Amber walked in carrying scissors.

“Jen!” she said. “Wanna cut your hair? Let’s get bangs!”

So of course I said yes, then got up, grabbed my scissors and hairbrush, and headed into the bathroom.

About 10 minutes later we both had bangs! They’re not side-bangs, but the actual straight-down in the front kind, which I’m told very few people can actually pull off. 🙂

We even got another girl from our floor in on it; she hated her split ends and ended up taking an inch or so off from the bottom. I think we have the makings of beauty salon owners.

This incident made me realize that most of my life’s adventures happen at the spur of the moment.

Take Saturday night, for example. We were supposed to have a party on our floor for Amber’s birthday (this story also has to do with Amber..hm), but it got lame and so around midnight we decided to head downtown and walk around. We were in front of the SRC on the side that faces the bus loop, and I decided to lay down on that metal-grate-looking-thing next to the stairs leading up to the SRC entrance.

Here’s a picture of the SRC I found online..it was the best they had on Google.

Next time you’re by the bus loop/SRC, go to where the red circle is, and to the right of the stairs there is this large metal filter-thing that goes up at maybe a 60 degree angle. Got it? Okay let me continue.

I decided that I wanted to lay down on top of it, so I stepped on it and turned around, intending to lower myself slowly backwards. Somehow I managed to slip and land flat on my back (ha!), and then we ended up taking pictures there. I’d post some, but my friend has them and I don’t feel like tracking her down.

Anyway somehow we came up with the idea of sliding down the giant metal grate, so a couple of us went up and slid down, weee!, etc etc. Around the third time we did it Amber decided to take my spot (I was always on the left side, closest to the wall), and once we got to the ground she jumped up and was like “OMG I THINK I RIPPED MY PANTS!” Sure enough, upon inspection we found a hole on the seat of her pants, and she had to walk around the rest of the night with her shirt pulled way down. Funniest thing ever! We’re still laughing about it. Gotta love these spur of the moment ideas!

Come to think of it, I decided to write this blog spur of the moment. Epic.

Moral of the story: sometimes the best things in life happen unexpectedly. So if you’re walking by a bus about to depart, don’t be afraid to hop on and see where it takes you! If a friend walks into your room with hair bleach and green hair dye, just go for it! We’re in college people, let’s make some good stories to tell our grandkids someday.


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