First Snow

Posted by: | December 12, 2008 | 3 Comments

Am I the only one who has never seen snow fall before? Anyone? Bueller?

Okay well yeah. I’m sitting in my dorm silently freaking out because I have no clue how to act in snowy weather. Mind you this is “wet rain” (or so the cleaning dude on my floor told me) so it won’t pile up that high, but this is my first experience with anything other than raindrops falling from the sky.

Are you supposed to wear special shoes to go out into the snow? Should I wear a different coat than usual? Are rainboots okay? Should I use an umbrella or something? Should I carry around an extra pair of socks just in case? When the weather gets this cold does the ground freeze? Oh geez I’ll probably have to start walking more carefully now; I can barely walk when the ground is dry.

I’m from California. We get rain like twice a year. FAIL.

Worries and mental rant aside though, snow is really pretty! I have a pretty decent view from my window, so I can see the row of trees lining the beach as well as a courtyard-type area with a few barren trees. I literally have tree branches like five feet from my window. Earlier I was just sitting here chillin with a bird (on one of the little branches), and I swear the little dude was trying to convince me to let him come inside. Cutest thing ever! The birds have since left, and all I see now is a myriad of whiteness falling from the sky.

I’ve had people ask me how I did on my French final (see previous post), and I have only one thing to say: HA!

I jest, I have more words. Let me put it this way: at one point I was so frustrated with my inability to remember how to say simple French words (I completely blanked on how to say “pretty”, but of course as I was walking back to my room afterwards I was like “NARF! Jolie!”), I started answering in Spanish. EPIC FAIL. That’s not the only thing that happened, but it’s all I’m willing to confess here. 🙂

Only a few more days till I go home and I am THRILLED! I’m so ridiculously excited that I feel like packing my stuff RIGHT NOW, but I know that’d be useless since until my departure day I’d be unpacking and repacking the things I use. Despite my excitement though, I can’t help but feel a bit nervous about going back home. I mean yeah it’s “home”, but the life I lived back there isn’t my life anymore. Ah well.

For those of you who haven’t finished your finals yet: hang in there! This too shall pass, and when it does you’ll probably shed tears of joy. 🙂


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