Goodbye 2008!

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With the dawn of the new year approaching  (quite literally..baha), I’ve found myself thinking about this past year, and if I’m happy with the way I’ve lived it. How would my life have been different if I hadn’t _______? If I had _____? If I had chosen to _____? I find it easier to organize my thoughts in lists, so here I go..

Things I Think I Maybecouldashouldawoulda Done Differently In 2008

1) I definitely wish I had worked harder in my college classes. This is UBC, so we all were pro at high school, but I wish back in September/October I had realized that I actually have to study to survive college. As it were, I realized this around finals time. 🙂
2) More specifically, oh what I would give to go back in time and not have been so epic fail in French. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.
3) My roommate and I should have called that stupid fridge company every hour on the hour (using several phones of course), DEMANDING our money back. Or hey, maybe even the FRIDGE! Thank God for Sears :’)
4) I would have talked to my grandma more before she passed away.
5) I would have done Grad Nite differently. I should probably explain American Grad Nites: at least where I live, every high school in the area goes to Disneyland on a specified night where Disneyland literally shuts down just for the graduating seniors. I think we have the park from 11pm to 7am? Sometimes this night coincides with the actual date of graduation, but not necessarily. Anyway so I shouldn’t have been such a loser, and instead paid more attention to what one of my best friends (Zoe) wanted.
6) Ooh I woulda stopped Zoe from dating this JERK that was only using her to get over the girl he was (and still is) in love with.
7) Upon reflection I wish I would have actually taken senior photos. Maybe. haha.
8 ) WHY didn’t I talk to the love of my life!!! Gah I hate myself sometimes! le sigh.

Things I Think I Did Right In 2008

1) So glad I got bangs. Best decision ever.
2) I’m so happy that I joined the sorority I did :).
3) Though sometimes I ponder what life would be like if I had chosen another school, overall I’m very happy that I chose UBC. In retrospect, I don’t think I would have fit anywhere else. 🙂
4) Relating to number 3, I’m sooo glad that I was so obsessive/addicted to applying to colleges that I was still looking for schools to apply to in like mid-February (even though I’d already gotten into..3 places?). See, if I had been a normal person and shut myself off from the college-application process after winter break, I never would have applied to UBC! Oh the greatness.
5) Okay I lied about number 1, buying a hamster with my other best friend Caitlin was the best decision ever. His name is Spunk Ransom. Google it.
6) I bless the day that I discovered Rebtel. Did I ever blog about Rebtel? Oh geez okay it’s still a draft. Fail. I’ll finish it up and post it later. Changed my life.
7) Soooo glad I saw Sex and the City and The Dark Knight on their respective opening nights! Good times.
8 ) Surprising my family by coming home for winter break a few days earlier than I told them..just might be my greatest work ever.

Keep your fingers crossed that I get better by tomorrow night! Huddled up on the couch is no way to spend New Years Eve!

PS: The word “would” looks weird to me for some reason right now. Don’t you hate when that happens?


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