I have OFFICIALLY been to all of my classes for the new semester (excluding tutorials and discussions), and I must say I’m genuinely excited about each and every one of them. I think I have a small addiction to taking upperish level courses; last semester I took a 200 course, and this semester I’m taking two. Maybe next year I’ll up it and take a 400 level? 😉

Anyway I feel like talking about the classes I’m in, so here I go. If you have any classes with me don’t hesitate to comment on our intertwined destinies.

Introduction to World Archaeology (ANTH 103)
I’m excited for this class mainly because of the research paper.
Did I just say that? Did I honestly just say that the prospect of a research paper is causing me excitement?

Introduction to Moral Theory (PHIL 230A)
After my first class I was hooked. I’ve never taken a philosophy class before, but after two lectures I’m seriously considering majoring in this. Also (le sigh) there’s a paper due in a couple of weeks that I’m anxiously awaiting to start. I’m such a freak.

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 100)
I don’t think I’m excited about any papers in this class..phew! Right now we’re reading this book though, called “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down” by Anne Fadiman, and it’s REALLY good. It doesn’t read like an extra-long anthropological article (which I guess it technically is), so I highly recommend it!

Literature in English to the 18th Century (ENGL 220)
No clue why, but genius here decided to work backwards. Last term I took English 221 (Literature in Britain: the 18th Century to the Present), and now I’m in 220. I haven’t figured out if this switcheroo will help me out in the course. Oh but on to the actual class. So far the readings have been excellent, and the prof is literally a genius at starting class discussions and drawing ideas out of us. Good stuff.

Contemporary Global Issues in Historical Perspective (HIST 105)
I just signed up for this class and have therefore only been to one lecture (today in fact), but today’s class was so epic that I’m sure I’ll like it. The concentration this term is on global and local environments, which has me kinda nervous because hello, not a science person, but I think it will be fine.

Yessir, there is my courseload for the next few months. I must say that I’ve noticed a significant increase in the amount of reading I have to do; but then again the classes I took last semester were kind of light on reading and more dependent on exercises and online assignments. Baha!

In other news, I FINALLY BOUGHT A PRINTER. I’m almost positive I never mentioned my lack of a printer before so this news probably sounds trivial or lame, but I am SO EXCITED! I keep looking at it affectionately when I think no one is watching, even though it’s kind of an ugly shape and color. It’s grown on me though, so of course now I think it’s the greatest looking printer in the world. But I digress. This baby is a printer, scanner, copier, AND a fax machine! Not that I have any use whatsoever for a fax machine, but ya know, the option is there.

Now that it’s a new semester, I’m thinking of getting more involved in the UBC community. Last semester I took it kind of slow; I joined a sorority and acted in the Totem Park One Act Festival. I’m thinking I’ll try to join something to do with writing, start volunteering, and maybe even get a job (if anyone will hire me..I have a bad history with applying for jobs). I’ve even been toying with the idea of starting an online literary magazine or something..hmm.

Enough procrastinating, time to start the reading for my history class. (I fail. It’s barely the second week and I’m already procrasting on stuff!) Ah well. Adios!


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