God Save My Laptop

Posted by: | January 24, 2009 | 2 Comments

I feel like I’ve dropped off the face of the Earth for the past few days. Why, you may ask?


Backstory: My roommate and I bunked our beds, she on top and I on bottom. I may have blogged about this before.

What happened Wednesday night: My roommate came in from a night out, while my friend and I sat on the floor leaning against my bed watching The Princess Bride on my laptop (Inconceivable!). Anyway so she got into bed, fell asleep, la la la, then out of nowhere she fell out of bed and landed on us (and the laptop). Computers are pretty sturdy things, mind you, but she must have landed like RIGHT on the spot where the internal hard drive is, because the computer froze and didn’t even respond to Ctrl+Alt+Delete (which brings up the task manager). So I decided to just shut it off completely and turn it back on, but EPIC FAIL, this black screen came up and said that it couldn’t detect an internal hard drive. I couldn’t recall removing an internal hard drive, so my worst fears were confirmed: my roommate had killed my laptop.

I’ve since opened it up and looked around, and nothing seems to be wrong with the actual computer. Although when I opened the slot to where the hard drive was, a random little screw fell out..hm. Upon reflection I never figured out where it went, but I was able to find another place where it fit so I didn’t really care. Oops.

ANYWAY it’s now been about three days and I still don’t have a laptop. I’m using my roommate’s right now, as she is out eating sushi and going to Best Buy to see if she can buy me a new hard drive, because I’m assuming that’s the only problem. Today I found out that my laptop is under warranty (yay, right?), BUT since I’m in Canada right now I’d have to pay to get an International Warranty before Dell could send me a new hard drive. And their offices are only open Monday to Friday, so I’d have to wait another two days, call, then wait like a week while they’d ship it to me. Does the universe not understand that I am in college, and have two papers due this week, as well as three other large research projects that I need to work on! Not to mention two of my classes have required readings and discussions online!

Bah. But I digress. My point is that I would like all of us to pray that my laptop gets fixed SOON, and if it doesn’t, that God grants me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, and the freaking patience to wait until things do change. Oh and that my friends don’t mind me using their laptops whenever I see that they’re not using it. “You’re going to the bathroom? Can I use your laptop kay thanks!”

Oh and I suppose I should include words of wisdom or whatever. If you’re an international student and worry about the future of your electronics, make sure you get all warranty-thingsĀ sorted outĀ BEFORE you switch countries of residence. -.-


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