Semester of the Mind

Posted by: | January 29, 2009 | 1 Comment

I don’t know how this happened exactly, but somehow every single one of my classes are tying into each other this semester. And not in vague “oh this kind of relates to an idea that was brought up in a tangent discussion the other day in my __ class”, I’m talking we’re discussing the same ideas in all of my classes. Let me explain.

I start off my week by going to Intro to World Archaeology, where we’re basically learning about human origins, and why various early human species died out (specifically, perhaps it was due to integration between other human species nearby, or maybe it was an inability to adapt to new environments, social turmoil, etc etc). My second class of the week is philo (Intro to Moral Theory), where we’re discussing (duh) moral theories; are there any ethical truths, are there any universally accepted beliefs or laws, are things “good” or “bad” because society says it or because God says it? etc etc. Next is Intro to Cultural Anthropology; right now we’re reading a book (mentioned this before) about culture clashes, and learning about different cases where Western influence isn’t necessarily a good thing in some indigenous societies. Fourth I have English (British Literature┬áto the 17th century…I think), where we keep running into the theme of how women were treated and represented in literature in the ‘olden’ days, and we discuss how (or if) this relates to modern days. Lastly I have history (Contemporary Global Issues in Historical Perspective), where we’re talking about climate change and how it’s affecting smaller societies (such as the Inuit), specifically how our actions contribute to the demise of their home lands, while they’re contributing practically nothing to the global climate change.

Do you see how these are all connecting? BAHAHAHHAAA I feel like I’m taking one giant class talking about human relations, truth, and the consequences of our actions. Hence I’m calling this my Semester of the Mind, which I guess every semester is supposed to be, but whatever.

Anywhoodles. I whole heartedly recommend that you take my exact semester right now (except maybe you could drop archeology, it relates the least). So yeah, get on planning this into your timetables for next year. ­čÖé


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