Philosophy Paper Fail

Posted by: | February 3, 2009 | 1 Comment

So I forgot to put a title on a philosophy paper I turned in yesterday.

WHO forgets to title a paper! I’ve spents days thinking of proper titles for papers before! Mind you not full 24-hour days, more like days where it’s always at the back of my head. I mean it’s the second thing the prof sees! So when my TA or prof or whatever is reading this it’s going to be like “Okay on to number 16. Geez I’m hungry..okay I’ll eat right after I grade this one. Jennifer Ayala. *check off little box on a sheet of paper* ….WHAT?” The “….” referring to his general confusion at having such a small space between the heading and the first paragraph, with NOTHING inbetween.

And it’s even more fail because it was like the 4th or 5th copy I printed out. I spent a couple of hours revising and adding to the rough draft, and the whole time I had the first page sitting on top of my desk, staring at me, but apparently I wasn’t staring back. Oh, OH! And later on when I told my friend, she said “Oh yeah that was the first thing I noticed when you showed me..but I thought that was what your professor wanted.” Excuse me while I SLAP YOU.

I’m hoping I don’t get points docked off or anything. I’m praying for just a little “Title?” note where it should be, and that my grader will instead concentrate on my deep philosophical quanderings into the three forms of conventionalism in relation to a medical ethics case.

But now I’m not sure what I should do to prevent this from happening again. I’ve been writing papers for how long and I still fail? I’m hoping that this was just a minor mental slip due to my recently defective immune system (although today I think I’ve been at my best since I got sick! Win!). Just in case though, maybe I’ll stick a post-it to my printer that says “Look at first page of paper. If no title: add title and reprint. If titled: you didn’t fail :)”


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