I am SO glad that Britney Spears is back.

I just really needed to throw that out there. I know this isn’t exactly breaking news, but whatever.

If anyone wants to get me tickets for her Circus tour, feel free. 🙂

Oh and I just noticed that the date on the womanizer’s iPhone in the beginning of the Womanizer video is April 20th….4/20. And the whole video is kind of wonky because Britney keeps appearing as various vixens in his 9-5 workday, and of course there are the kinda trippy scenes at the end where all four Britneys are clawing at him. Concidence? I think not.

On another note, I can’t help thinking about the Womanizer video from an “academic” standpoint.

In the video she’s getting all angry at Mr. Womanizer because he’s doing as his name implies, womanizing, yet Britney is traipsing about in sexy outfits, not to mention those scenes where she’s naked in some sort of sauna. Regardless of her intentions, she’s using her body to sell her song, therefore empowering womanization (is that a word?). However, it could also be said that she’s using her most powerful means to her advantage: like it or not, one of a female’s biggest sources of power is her sexuality; wouldn’t it theoretically be smart to use whatever means you have to be succesful?

^^a combination of ideas from my English, anthro, and philo classes

Enough Engthrophiling though. I just made up a word.  I-I have a test to study for. 🙂


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