Prospective Students

Graduate Students: I am always interested in recruiting smart and motivated graduate students for my research group. To join my research group, you should have a bachelors/masters degree in computer science/engineering, and have performed well academically. Further, you should have the following skills:

1. Good command over the English language (both spoken and written),
2. Excellent programming skills, and experience with developing systems software (e.g., operating systems kernels, compilers, middleware),
3. Research experience in the form of internships, research projects and/or papers in international venues,
4. Ability to work independently and be self-driven,
5. Some overlap with my research area(s), though this is not crucial.

If you meet the above criteria, please feel free to send me email and include your resume/CV. However, I am unable to respond to general queries about UBC admission processes etc. Please refer to the following web page. Note that if I admit you to work with me, I’ll almost always fund you (for both MASc and PhD), unless you receive a fellowship or other means of funding.

You also need to show that you have read this announcement by including the following words in the subject “Read the announcement on your web page”, and showing how you meet the above criteria. I will respond to your email only if you include this line in the subject. Thanks for reading till here.

Interns: I do not typically take on students for research internships from outside Canada, unless you apply via the MITACS Globalink programme. Note that MITACS has their own selection process and I don’t have any input into it, so please don’t contact me unless and until you’re matched by them to my group.

If you’re studying in a Canadian university but not at UBC, and you want to do a research internship in my group, please apply via the NSERC USRA programme. Please get in touch with me before applying though.

Finally, if you’re at UBC, and you’re interested in a research internship with me, please feel free to get in touch with me by sending me your CV, informal transcripts, and short description of your background and interests. Thanks.