The full list of software released by our group can be found here.

This page lists only the other software not found above.

Fault Injector

  • SSFI – Statement Level Fault Injector for Java Programs

Web applications

  • Sahand – Understanding JavaScript client-server asynchronous interactions
  • Sabalan – Extracting Motifs from dynamic web application traces
  • LED – DOM element locator synthesis
  • Aurebesh – Static Analysis for AngularJS applications
  • ToChal – Change Impact Analysis for JavaScript
  • Vejovis – Automatic Fix Generator for DOM-JavaScript Faults
  • Clematis – DOM Event JavaScript code understanding
  • Dompletion – Code completion support for DOM-Javascript interactions
  • Mutandis – Mutation Testing tool for JavaScript Applications
  • AutoFLox – Automatic Fault Localizer DOM-JavaScript Faults
  • BugAnalyzer – Bug Report Analyzer for JavaScript Based Web Applications