Graduated Students

Graduated Students (In order of graduation and degree)

(10 PhDs, 23 MASc, 1 Post-doc, 4 Other, 3 MEng)

Name Degree, year Thesis Title Papers
PhD (n = 10)
Layali Rashid* (First Position: Qualcomm, Raleigh. Currently Deep Learning Architect, Nvidia NSERC CGS(D) awardee. Internship at Microsoft Research) PhD (2013) Tolerating Intermittent Hardware Errors: Characterization, Diagnosis & Recovery Papers
Shabnam Mirshokraie***(First position: co-founder of a Startup. Currently at, Best paper runner up at ICST’13. Internship at Fujitsu Labs) PhD (2015) Effective Test Generation and Adequacy Assessment for JavaScript-based Web Applications Papers
Frolin Ocariza Jr.***,
(First Position: SAP, Vancouver. NSERC CGS(D) awardee), Internships at Microsoft Research and Fujitsu Labs
PhD (2016), MASc (2012) On the Detection, Localization and Repair of Client-Side JavaScript Faults Papers
Farid Molazem Tabrizi,
(First Position: Google, Mountain View. Distinguished paper award at EDCC 2015 (story), Media Coverage, Internships at Google and Fortinet)
PhD (2017) Security Analysis and Intrusion Detection for Smart Embedded Systems Papers
Saba Alimadadi***,
(First Position: Post-doc at Northeastern University,
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Simon Fraser University (SFU), Distinguished paper award at ICSE’14 (Story), NSERC PDF awardee – ranked 1st in Canada for CS, Internship at SAP).
PhD (2017) Understanding Motifs of Program Behavior and Change Papers
Guanpeng (Justin) Li
(First Position: Post-doc at Univ. of Illinois (UIUC),
Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Univ. of Iowa.
NSERC PDF awardee,
SPEC Kaivalya Dixit Distinguished Dissertation Award, 2019 (Story),
Four-year Fellowship,
Best paper award runner up at DSN’18 (story), Paper Story, Internship at Nvidia Research)
PhD (2019) Understanding and Modeling Error Propagation in Programs Papers
Bo Fang**, (First Position: Researcher at Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL),
NSERC PDF Awardee – Ranked #2 in Canada in CS, BCGS Graduate Fellowship,
William Carter PhD dissertation award in dependability, 2020 (Story) SIGHPC doctoral dissertation award honorable mention, Nominated by UBC for ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award (1 of 2 nominees), Internships at LANL and PNNL)
PhD (2020), MASc (2011-2014) Approaches for Building Error Resilient Applications Papers
Mehdi Karimibiuki****,
(First Position: Senior Security Engineer, Sierra Wireless, Vancouver. Four-year Fellowship, Media Coverage)
PhD (2020) Addressing Security in Drone Systems Through Authorization and Fake Object Detection Papers
Mohammad Rafiuzzaman* (International Doctoral Fellowship, First position: Instructor at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)) PhD (2023) An observation-based runtime configuration framework for the front-end network edge Papers
Asem Ghaleb (FYF awardee, First position: Software Engineer, Huawei, Canada)******

2023 Static Analysis Approaches for Finding Vulnerabilities in Smart Contracts Papers

Framework for discovering GPS spoofing attacks in drone swarms

Name Degree, year Thesis Title Papers
MASc (n = 23)
Jiesheng Wei (First Position: Microsoft, Vancouver. Currently at Facebook, US.) MASc (2012) Hardware Error Detection in Multicore Parallel Programs Papers
Anna Thomas (First position: IBM Toronto. Currently at Azul Systems.) MASc (2013) Error Detection for Soft Computing Applications Papers
Majid Dadashi (First position: 1QBit, Vancouver) MASc (2014) Integrated Hardware-Software Diagnosis of Intermittent Faults Papers
Sheldon Sequeira*** (First position: SAP, Vancouver) MASc (2014) Understanding Test Failures in JavaScript-Based Web Applications Papers
Xin Chen (First position: CCB Fintech, China). Most Influential Paper Award at ISSRE’14. MASc (2014) Failure Characterization and Prediction in Compute Clouds Papers
Kartik Bajaj*** (First position: Hootsuite, Vancouver. Currently at Salesforce). FYF and MITACS Globalink Fellowship Awardee MASc (2014) Mining Web Application Developers’ Questions Papers
Qining Lu (First position: Google, Canada) MASc (2015) Configurable Error Detection for SDC causing Errors Papers
Nithya Narayanamurthy (First position: Oracle Labs, Vancouver. Currently at Amazon, Canada. ) Best Paper Award at EDCC 2015 (story) MASc (2015) Finding resilience-friendly compiler optimizations using meta-heuristic search techniques Papers
Abraham Chan (First Position: Huawei, Canada. Currently PhD student at UBC) MASc (2017) Error Propagation Analysis for Multi-threaded Programs Papers
Maryam Raiyat (First Position: PhD student at Shahid Behesti University) MASc (2018) Multi-Dimensional Invariant Detection for Cyber-Physical System Security Papers
Ekta Aggarwal (First position: Clio Software, Vancouver)**** MASc (2019) CORGIDS: A Correlation-based Generic Intrusion Detection System Papers
Lucas Palazzi (First Position: Data Realm Inc.) MASc (2019) Experimental evaluation of software-implemented fault injection at different levels of abstraction Papers
Zitao Chen (First Position: Research Programmer, UBC). SC’19 reproducibility challenge finalist, Best paper runner up – DSN’21 MASc (2020) Understanding and Improving the Error Resilience of Machine Learning Systems Papers
Abdul Rehman Anwer (First Position: Huawei, Canada) MASc (2020) Efficient Modeling of Error Propagation in GPU Programs Papers
Aarti Kashyap (First Position: PhD student, UBC CS dept, Invited to attend the Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF) ) MASc (2020) Security Analysis of Deep Neural Network-Based Cyber-Physical Systems
Pritam Dash (First Position: PhD student, UBC, Work featured in media) MASc (2020) Security Analysis of Robotic Vehicles Protected by Control-based Techniques Papers
Kumseok Jung (First Position: PhD Student, UBC. Internship at Microsoft Research) MASc (2021) Platform-independent live process migration for edge computing applications Papers
Niranjhana Narayanan (First Position: Neat communications, Norway) MASc (2019) Fault Injection in Machine Learning Applications Papers
Rui Xi (First Position: PhD Student, UBC. Internship at WonderFI) MASc (2022) A Large-Scale Empirical Study of Low-Level Function Use in Ethereum Smart Contracts and Automated Replacement Papers
Ali Asgari, (Best paper nominee AISafety’21, First Position: Electronic Arts, Internship at Oracle Labs)**** MASc (2022) Structural Coding: a low-cost scheme to protect CNNs from large-granularity memory errors Papers
Udit Agarwal (Internship at Intel, Best of SELSE’23 paper, First Position: Huawei Canada, Current: Intel) MASc (2023) Assessing the Resilience of Machine Learning Models Papers
Yingao (Elaine) Yao (First Position: Fortinet Canada) MASc (2023) Framework for discovering GPS spoofing attacks in drone swarms Papers
Amirhossein Ahmadi (Best paper award at EdgeSys’23, Internship in Huawei, First Position: Huawei Canada)** MASc (2024) EdgeEngine : a thermal-aware optimization framework for edge inference Papers

* Co-advised with Sathish Gopalakrishnan

** Co-advised with Matei Ripeanu

*** Co-advised with Ali Mesbah

**** Co-advised with Andre Ivanov

***** Co-advised with Prashant Nair

****** Co-advised with Julia Rubin

Post-Doc (n = 1):

Julien Samson (NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship, first position: Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, ETS Montreal) (Papers)

Visiting Graduate Students (n = 4):

Yong (Alex) Yang, PhD student, Peking University. March – August 2019. (Papers)

Behrooz Sangchoolie, Chalmers University of Technology, Summer 2016. (Papers) – Currently Researcher at RiSE.

Arpan Gujarati, PhD student, MPI-SWS*, February-March 2020. Winner of ACM SIGBED Dissertation Award. (Papers) – Currently Assistant professor, UBC CS.

Gargi Mitra, PhD student (IIT Madras), MITACS Globalink Awardee. Currently: Post-doc reearcher at UBC.

M.Eng. (n = 3):

Jose Thomas, 2018. (First position: Data Engineer, LotLinx, Canada)

Ahmed Effat, 2019. (First position: Software Development Engineer, AbeBooks (Amazon), Canada)

Dan Jin, 2024. (First position: Firmware Engineer, Intel, Canada)