Faculty Members:

Karthik Pattabiraman, Professor. Karthik Photo

Post-doctoral Researchers

Gargi Mitra, 2023 (PhD, IIT Madras) Papers Gargi Photo

PhD students (in order of joining, total = 10)

Mohammad Rafiuzzaman, 2017 (IDF awardee), Co-advised with Sathish Gopalakrishnan Papers Rafi Photo
Asem Ghaleb, 2018 (FYF awardee), Co-advised with Julia Rubin Papers Asem Photo
Kumseok Jung, 2018 (Microsoft Research Internship, Best demo award at SEC’21) Papers Kumseok photo
Zitao Chen, 2019 (Best Paper Award and Best Paper Runner up, DSN’21, SC’19 Paper Finalist for Reproducibility Initiative, FYF awardee, Industry adoption, UBC Public Scholar, 2022) Papers Zitao photo
Pritam Dash, 2019 (Best Paper Award, DSN’21, Press coverage, Presentation at Enigma’22, Internship at Oracle Labs, FYF awardee) Papers Pritam Photo
Abraham Chan, 2020 (Best paper award at QRS’21, FYF awardee, NSERC PGS(D) awardee), Co-advised with Sathish Gopalakrishnan Papers Abraham Photo
Mohsen Salehi, 2021 (FYF awardee) Papers Mohsen Photo
Rui Xi, 2022 (UBC Blockchain Pathways Fellowship, Internship at WonderFI). Co-advised with Zehua Wang Papers Rui Image
Mohammed Elnawawy, 2022 (FYF awardee) Papers Nawawy Photo
Mohammadreza Hallajiyan, 2022 Papers Mohammadreza Photo

Masters students (in order of joining, total = 3)

Elaine Yao, 2021 Papers Elaine Photo
Udit Agarwal, 2021 Papers Udit Photo
Amirhossein Ahmadi Co-advised with Matei Ripeanu, 2022 Papers Amirhossein Photo

For a list of group alumni, see here.

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