The following are some prominent alumni of our group in the last five years (in order of them leaving our group). For a full list of alumni, please go here.

Name Degree, Year Current Position Awards and Honors
Farid Molazem Tabrizi PhD, 2017 Google, US Distinguished paper award at EDCC’15, Best paper award at ACM TECS 2019, Media coverage
Saba Alimadadi (co-advised with Ali Mesbah) PhD, 2017 Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser Univ. Distinguished paper award at ICSE’14, NSERC PDF (ranked 1st in the computer science division).
Guanpeng Li PhD, 2019 Assistant Professor, University of Iowa SPEC Kaivalya Dixit Distinguished Dissertation award in 2019, Best Paper awards at DSN’21, ISSRE’20, Best paper runner up at DSN’18, DSN’21. NSERC PDF.
Bo Fang (co-advised with Matei Ripeanu) PhD, 2020 Researcher at PNNL William Carter Distinguished Dissertation award in 2020, ACM SIGHPC Distinguished Disssertation award honorable mention, 2020, NSERC PDF (Ranked #2 in computer science division).
Julien Gascon-Samson Post-doc (2017-2019) Assistant Professor at ETS Montreal NSERC PDF, Marcelle Gauvreau Engineering chair

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